What is hypospadias (Prophet’s Sunnah)? How Is It Diagnosed And Treated?

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Hypospadias is a congenital disease. It depends on the developmental disorder of the urinary tract. A physical examination is required to diagnose prophetic circumcision.

What are hypospadias? How Is It Created?


Hypospadias (prophetic circumcision, congenital circumcision, half circumcised) is the opening of the external urinary hole anywhere in the lower part of the external urinary tract except where it should be normal.

It occurs in about one in 300 newborns.

It can be very close to the normal external urinary hole in the head of the penis, or it can be in the junction of the bags with the penis or even in the bag.

The head of the penis is called glanular, the head of the penis is called coronary in the penis body composition, penile in the penis, penoscrotal in the penis with bags, and scrotal hypospadias in bags.

Are There Other Congenital Defects with Hypospadias?

There may be penile curvature with hypospadias. The further away it is from the normal external urinary hole, the more severe the curvature of the penis, which we call corridor.

In addition, the further the urinary hole is from the external outlet, the more frequently other urological organ anomalies can be seen.

If there is also undescended testicle, genetic evaluation should be done. In addition to hypospadias, kidney bladder and upper urinary tract anomalies can be seen.

How Is Hypospadias Diagnosed?

Prophet circumcised by the families, half circumcised, congenitally circumcised is brought to the physician. Sometimes families do not notice and are diagnosed when they are brought for circumcision.

If hypospadias is at the penile level or below, an ultrasound of the whole abdomen should be done to look for other anomalies. In addition, whether the testicles are in place should be determined by physical examination.

How is Hypospadias Treatment?

The treatment of hypospadias is the normal replacement of the external urine outlet by surgery.

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If hypospadias is glandular or coronar, surgery is somewhat easier, while surgery for other types may be more complicated.

We may need to use the foreskin for the missing external urinary tract. If necessary, it may be necessary to apply patches from the foreskin or other organs such as the oral mucosa. Particularly penoscrotal and scrotal types are required. In addition, if there is penile curvature, that is, cordial, it should be corrected surgically.

Who Should Perform Hypospadias Surgery and When?

Experienced surgeons dealing with pediatric urology should perform hypospadias surgery. If there are no experienced surgical hands, it is a surgery open to complications.

It should seize the first opportunity well. Otherwise, complications that are more difficult to correct may develop. The most common complication is fistula formation. In addition, there may be situations such as urinary tract stenosis and urinary tract infection.

If hypospadias surgery is performed under the age of 2, it will be least traumatic. However, it can be done at any age.

How many days does Patient stay in the hospital? What is the Chance of Success?

Hipospadias - peygamber sünneti tedavisi

While hypospadias close to the edge can be handled with a day stay, those far from the edge can stay in the hospital for 1 night. The catheter or catheter is removed after 1 week. The chance of success is around 92%.

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