What is Andrology? What Does Andrology Look For?

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Andrology is a branch of medicine that examines the sexual health of men and women and many sexual diseases. What does andrology look at? Often looks at diseases such as male infertility and micro-penis.

What Does Andrology Mean?

The term andrology was formed by the combination of the Latin words andros (male) and logos (science) and its literal meaning means male science. Today, andrology is a branch of science that includes all clinical anatomical, physiological, and biochemical developments and surgery related to male and female sexual health, male infertility.


What Does Andrology Look For?


  • Sexual dysfunctions in men and women
  • Male infertility

It is related to medical and surgical treatment of diseases such as erectile dysfunction, premature and late ejaculation, Peyronie’s disease, congenital penile curvature. It deals with the treatment of conditions such as desire and arousal disorders and orgasm disorders as sexual dysfunctions in women.

Regarding male infertility, it deals with surgical treatment of varicocele, surgical treatment of sperm tract obstructions, medical and surgical treatment to correct sperm values, obtaining sperm with microtese in patients with no sperm (azoospermia), and hypospadias surgery. The treatment of erectile dysfunction is carried out gradually.

First of all, if there is a factor that causes this, this should be corrected. In the first stage, we give oral medications.

If the situation improves and these drugs are sufficient, we continue the treatment in this way. If there is no response to the treatment, we move on to the second stage, intra-penile needle treatment.

If we get a response to the needle treatment, the patient makes the injection into his own penis 15-20 minutes before the intercourse, just like insulin in diabetics and repeats it before each intercourse.

If we cannot get an answer to this, we will place a penile prosthesis, that is, a happiness stick, if there is no correctable cause after the penile vessels are evaluated by Doppler ultrasonography.

Treatment success and patient satisfaction is over 90%. Behavior and drug therapy are important in the treatment of premature ejaculation. Surgical treatment does not have much place.


If andrology is in the treatment of female sexual dysfunction, if there is a correctable cause, it should be eliminated. If there is a hormonal failure, it should be replaced.

A drug called “Flibanserin” has received FDA approval and is used in arousal and desire disorders. However, it has not yet been sold in our country. In addition, some hormonal drugs such as tibolone are used in female sexual dysfunction.

androloji neye bakar

The most common correctable cause of male infertility is varicocele, and the most ideal surgical treatment is microsurgical varicocelectomy.

If the cause of infertility is obstructed in any part of the sperm paths, starting from the testis, microsurgical operations are available to eliminate this situation and are successful.

In cases of azoospermia, i.e. there is no sperm in the semen, if there is no correctable cause, sperm can be obtained with microTESE surgery and there is approximately 50% success. Andrology medical branch examines such diseases.

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