What is DNA Damage? Can it be Treated?

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Cell structures have repair mechanisms against DNA damage. This special structure of the cell can help in the treatment of DNA damage. In some cases, it may be difficult or impossible to completely correct the damage when the rate of damage is high.

Experts are still continuing their research. As a result of this research, it may be possible to bring DNA repair to more effective levels in the coming years, but it can be stated that the treatment options for damage are limited in the current situation.

What is DNA Damage and How Does It Occur?

DNA damage refers to the disruption of the structure or sequence of the DNA molecule of an organism or cell. DNA is a molecule that carries genetic information and contains the basic genetic information of every living organism.

It is known that different forms of damage are observed and their causes depend on many different factors. Radiation, chemicals, cellular processes, ultraviolet rays and free radicals are factors that can damage DNA.

DNA Hasarı Tedavi Edilebilir Mi

Health Problems Associated with DNA Damage

DNA damage has many negative effects on the health of the organism. These effects vary depending on the type, severity and location of the damage in the body. For example; cancer is one of these health problems and is one of the common health problems.

Damage to DNA can trigger the formation of cancer cells. Apart from this, the main reason for the emergence of diseases such as genetic diseases, aging, Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, cardiovascular diseases, immune system problems is due to damage to DNA.

Treatment Methods of DNA Damage and Potential Therapies

The preferred treatment methods and therapies for DNA damage are constantly renewed by research. The damage is corrected by the organism’s natural repair mechanisms, but sometimes these mechanisms are insufficient. In this case, therapies and methods are applied for treatment. Radiation, chemotherapy, gene therapy, antioxidants, DNA repair enzymes, drugs can be listed among these therapies and treatment methods.

Effects of Drugs, Diet and Lifestyle Changes on DNA Damage

Many physiological and psychological effects are encountered in daily life. DNA, which carries genetic chemistry codes, can also be damaged due to these effects. Drugs used, diet programmes and changes in lifestyle can prepare the ground for DNA damage.

In addition, alcohol and cigarette consumption may increase the likelihood of DNA damage. In order to reduce or prevent DNA damage, you can change your lifestyle and reduce alcohol and smoking. Diet programmes as well as supplementary vitamins and medicines can also help to reduce and repair damage.

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