What is Chronic Prostatitis Injection Treatment in Turkey?

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Prostatitis, known as prostate cold among people, is frequently seen. It can be expressed as the formation of inflammation in the prostate gland. In answer to the question of what is chronic prostatitis injection treatment, it can be said that for the imaging of the prostatitis gland, the rectal entrance is performed with the probe, which is the thin part of the ultrasonography device. The drug can be administered directly to the inflammation formed in this area.

Regarding the side effects of chronic prostatitis injection treatment, blood can rarely be seen during the urine stream. Apart from this, no side effects are observed.

Why Is Prostate Injection Application Performed?

Antibiotic treatments that will be carried out for a long time may not have an effect on the definitive resolution of the disease, as well as affect other problems. In addition, it is known that antibiotics used in case of inflammation do not affect the solution of the problem by providing concentration in the area. After a short-term improvement in conventional antibiotic treatments, the patient may have the same complaints again after a certain time. With the prostatitis injection treatment, which has been carried out in recent years, it is possible to treat non-bacterial chronic prostatitis, and it is also possible to reach a definite result.

How Long Does Prostate Injection Application Take?

By using it instead of long-term antibiotic treatments, many different problems are prevented and at the same time, the chronic prostatitis injection method is used because it also provides the solution to the problem.

Prostatitis injection application takes an average of ten minutes. Since local anesthesia is applied during the procedure, the patient does not feel any pain. At the same time, after the patient rests for a short time, it is possible to return to his daily life.

What Are The Advantages Of Prostate Injection Treatment?

Among the advantages of chronic prostatitis injection therapy is the possibility of direct intervention in the area of ​​infection with the application. Thus, it is ensured that all the inflammation in the area is destroyed. In addition, other advantages are that the treatment is carried out in a short time and the patient returns to daily life afterward. Chronic prostatitis injection treatment application does not have any side effects. In addition, the fact that no pain is felt during the procedure is among the advantages of the treatment.

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