What Is Andropause? What Are The Symptoms?

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What Are The Symptoms Of Andropause?

Although andropause is popularly referred to as “male menopause”, it is a very different situation from the menopause experienced by women.

Menopause is a condition that all women experience after a certain age. Andropause is not something that all men face. The condition, which is seen in many men towards the end of the forties or with the fifties, spreads over a long period of time. In answer to the question of what is andropause, it can actually be expressed as a decrease in testosterone production.

Testosterone production occurs in the ovaries in women and in the testicles in men. It is not only necessary for the person in a sexual sense, but it is effective in protecting the muscle mass of the person and increasing the physical and mental abilities. Testosterone also supports the urge to fight or escape harmful situations from the environment.

While the andropause period does not present any significant symptoms in many people, it can be experienced severely in some people. Experiencing psychological, physical and sexual problems is among the situations encountered in andropause.

Many different situations can be counted in the answer to the question of what are the symptoms of andropause. In addition to psychological irritability and depression, there is also a loss of physical strength. In addition, there are many situations that occurred during this period.

Due to the decrease in the testosterone hormone, many different conditions can be experienced in the person. The testosterone hormone gives muscle mass and physical strength. The decrease in testosterone hormone, on the other hand, affects the decrease in muscle mass, while at the same time it can cause physical weakness. In addition, a decrease in bone density can be observed.

In case of experiencing andropause period in male individuals of a certain age and above, excessive lubrication is also encountered, especially in the waist and abdomen. Difficulty concentrating, loss of libido, as well as difficulty in erection.

The symptoms that can be experienced psychologically during the period of andropause are depression and the person’s constant sadness. Decreased self-confidence and loss of motivation are also observed. In addition, insomnia or a decrease in sleep quality are among the conditions encountered during andropause.

What Complications Can Be Seen Along With Andropause?

While the decrease in testosterone production observed with andropause presents some symptoms, there are also some complications that can be seen with andropause. During andropause, fluctuations in hormones in men affect swelling in the chest areas, while breast tenderness may also be encountered. In addition, reduction in testicular length is among the complications observed.

Complications seen with andropause are observed in cases such as reduction in body hair and hot flashes.

How to Prevent Andropause in Turkey?

Andropause does not result in the negative experiences mentioned in every man. The heavy and troublesome period of andropause may also be related to whether the person chooses a quality life or not. Andropause takes place as a result of aging in the life cycle. It is the decrease in the production of testosterone hormone, which is low until puberty under normal conditions, after a certain age. Regular nutrition, a healthy life, and regular sleep can reduce the effects of andropause symptoms or prevent andropause.

Why Does Andropause Occur?

Andropause is generally caused by a decrease in testosterone hormone production in men after a certain period of time, depending on age. The hormone, which is extremely low before puberty, increases over time. With the increase of the hormone, it is observed that there is a change and development in people, not only in the sexual sense but also in the physical and psychological sense. After a certain age, there is a decrease in the production of the hormone.

The decrease in testosterone hormone is determined as one percent after the age of thirty, and in some individuals, this situation may develop suddenly and rapidly. Especially bad habits can affect the decrease in the production of the hormone.

During the andropause period, some health problems can also be caused by the person. In addition to problems such as atherosclerosis, diabetes, and hypertension, the patient’s midlife depression also affects the faster entry into the period.

The reasons why people enter andropause may not only be due to the decrease in the production of the hormone testosterone. It can affect the formation of andropause symptoms in cases that are not age-related and occur for different reasons.

It is possible to face andropause symptoms depending on many reasons such as the person’s medical conditions, the drugs he uses regularly, his age, and having a body mass index of 30 and above.

Andropause may also be caused by hypogonadism. This means that the person produces little or no hormones.

How Is Andropause Diagnosed?

Specialist physician support is required in diagnosing andropause. Obtaining information about the physical examination and health history to be performed by the physician is important in terms of diagnosis.

In the first examination to be made in terms of the diagnosis of andropause, the patient should inform the physician about the symptoms experienced by the patient. The obstacle faced in making the diagnosis of andropause is the patient’s failure to inform the physician in detail about the subject.

Some tests are also requested by the physician regarding the diagnosis of andropause. It is possible to measure the testosterone level of the patient with the blood sample taken from the patient. After the test measurement is made by taking the patient’s blood sample, it is possible to make the diagnosis by reaching a clear result.

What To Expect From Andropause?

If the onset of andropause symptoms is due to the age of the patient, it is expected that the symptoms will increase over time. For some men, this period is extremely heavy. Some do not show any obvious symptoms. There are also cases of a decrease in testosterone hormones that develop not due to aging. In the diagnosis of andropause, which is not due to old age, but due to a medical reason, the problem can be eliminated by identifying and eliminating the underlying causes.

Andropause Treatment

In the case of minor symptoms that can be seen in many people, the person does not need andropause treatment as he can continue in his life without any problems. Andropause symptoms differ from person to person. Some may experience this period as extremely severe.

The most important method applied in relation to andropause treatment is to add practices to increase the quality of life of the person. Exercising regularly, eating a healthy diet, and having regular sleep will help treat andropause, while also reducing its symptoms.

The symptoms of andropause seen in the person can sometimes be psychological. Depression is one of the most typical symptoms. The person’s self-confidence decreases and he starts to become unhappy. In this case, there is room for the use of certain drugs under the control of a physician in relation to andropause treatment. These drugs can help the person relax in a psychological sense and can also provide relief from depression. Not only drug treatment but also therapy methods and healthy life suggestions are offered to relieve the psychological symptoms seen in the person.

In the case of a decrease in testosterone hormone, which does not develop due to aging and develops as a result of a medical condition, the physician may start treatment for the elimination of the hormone deficiency in the elimination of andropause experienced in the person. Injections, tablets, implants, gels, and patches can be used in the treatment of increasing and replacing testosterone hormone production.

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