What Is Abdominal Ultrasound? How To Do It In Turkey?

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What Is Seen In Abdominal Ultrasound?

The term abdomen is used when naming it for the inner region of the abdomen. Abdominal ultrasound application is used for imaging the organs located in the inner area of the abdomen. In the answer to the question of what is abdominal ultrasound, it can be expressed as imaging whether the organs in the inner abdomen are healthy or not.

For the internal organs of the abdomen, it may be requested to examine the upper abdomen. In this case, upper abdomen ultrasonography is preferred. In the evaluation of the lower part of the internal organs of the abdomen, an ultrasound of the lower abdomen is used. In addition to this, whole abdomen extraction or whole abdominal ultrasonography is required to monitor all abdominal internal organs.

What Is Seen In Abdominal Ultrasound?

In response to the question of what is seen in abdominal ultrasound, two distinctions can be made in upper and lower abdominal ultrasonography. In upper abdomen ultrasonography procedures, it is possible to detect the gall bladder, liver, pancreas, spleen, kidney, kidney upper glands, and main veins. In addition, in the lower abdomen ultrasonography study, the bladder, the lower end of the urinary canal (ureter) in men, the prostate, and seminal vesicles are examined, while the ovaries and uterus are examined in women. In the whole abdomen ultrasonography application, the entire lower and upper abdomen is examined.

Why Is Abdomen Performed In Ultrasound?

In the process of performing abdominal ultrasonography, an examination by the physician may be requested by considering certain complaints of the patient. In addition to abdominal pain, an abdominal ultrasound may be needed for many reasons such as nausea, indigestion, blood in the urine, and cancer screening. Not only with the occurrence of any problem but also with regard to the examination of the internal organs in general screening procedures, it can be requested to determine whether it is healthy or not.

What Is Done Before The Abdomen Ultrasound Procedure?

It is preferred that the patient be fasting for at least 8 hours before the abdominal ultrasound scan. Hunger is a very important detail in terms of visualizing the internal organs more clearly. In addition, the patient’s urge to urinate during the examination is among the other desired imaging details. This facilitates the examination of lower abdominal organs such as the urinary bladder. During the procedures, it may be requested that the patient lies on their side, on their back, or on their face down, depending on the shooting area.

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