Late Ejaculation Symptoms And Treatment In Turkey

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It is normal for men to ejaculate late from time to time to increase sexual pleasure, but if this happens involuntarily, the problem of late ejaculation can be mentioned. Delayed ejaculation in men is a problem that usually occurs for psychological reasons and negatively affects sexual life. So what causes delayed ejaculation, and how is it treated?

What Is Late Ejaculation?

Delayed ejaculation or inability to ejaculate in men is a sexual health problem that is rarely encountered but causes serious psychological problems if left untreated. The state of ejaculating in a longer time than normal despite the sexual stimulation of the man is called delayed ejaculation. In some men, despite stimulation, ejaculation may not occur at all. Both situations indicate problems that are very rare in society.

Men who ejaculate late become uneasy during sexual intercourse and think that ejaculation will never happen. Frequent repetition of the situation also negatively affects the relationship with the partner. Late or no ejaculation becomes more frequent with loss of self-confidence and pressure. For this reason, the patient must urgently receive sexual therapy and begin appropriate treatment for the problem.

What Causes Late Ejaculation?

According to most experts, delayed ejaculation is a purely psychological problem and can be eliminated if the right therapy methods are applied. According to studies conducted on this subject, delayed ejaculation may be caused by social pressure and family reasons.

Some of the situations that are thought to cause delayed ejaculation are listed as follows:

  • Growing up in an environment closed to sexuality and being against having intercourse
  • Social and family pressure
  • Being abused at a young age
  • Alcohol, smoking, or substance abuse
  • Stressful married life
  • Problems in business life
  • Extremely fearful and stressed
  • Antidepressant use

What Are The Symptoms Of Delayed Ejaculation?

Late ejaculation, which is very rare compared to premature ejaculation, can lead to more serious problems leading to divorce. Therefore, it is recommended to initiate appropriate treatment as soon as symptoms appear. It is possible to treat delayed ejaculation, which is usually caused by psychological problems, in a short time with the right therapy methods. In some patients, this problem may be related to some physical ailments.

Late ejaculation is usually mentioned when there is no ejaculation within 30 minutes despite sexual stimulation. Some patients cannot experience satisfaction during intercourse, but they take pleasure from oral or manual stimulation. Some men can only ejaculate by masturbation. If all these conditions are observed, a sex therapist or a specialist should be consulted.

How Is Late Ejaculation Treated?

The problem of delayed ejaculation, which causes psychological problems, can be treated thanks to today’s modern medical developments. The treatment methods applied to the patient generally include cognitive behavioral therapy methods and aim to eliminate the source of the problem. In the case of late or non-existent ejaculation, first of all, the prejudiced, incomplete, or wrong thoughts that the person has about sexuality should be eliminated. Afterward, the focus is on reducing existing concerns about sexual intercourse.

The recommendations for sexual therapy are listed as follows:

  • Increasing the pleasure and stimulation from foreplay as much as possible
  • To enable the individual to focus on the pleasure they get from the relationship instead of ejaculation.
  • Teaching complete relaxation of the body throughout intercourse
  • Attempting to increase pleasure by masturbating or oral methods before intercourse

The problem in late ejaculation is usually caused by the person’s view of sexual intercourse and it starts to recur more often with increasing pressure. In this case, it is necessary not to see the relationship as a necessity and to enjoy it. For this, fantasies, erotic words, and similar methods can be tried to help the body relax. These types of sexual changes help a person to become aroused and ejaculate more quickly.

In addition, self-awareness, motivation, and awareness of the value given to the spouse also help prevent the problem. The whole treatment process should be followed under the control of a specialist and completed by taking into account the recommendations of the specialist. In the meantime, doing the homework and changing the way of thinking positively affect the treatment process.

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