How To Take Urethrography In Turkey?

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Urethrography is an imaging method applied if the patient suspects problems such as urinary tract stenosis. This examination is aimed to control the disease in a timely manner and to ensure that the patient has a high standard of living. So what is urethrography and how is it taken?

What Is Urethrography In Turkey?

Urethrography is an imaging method that provides a radiological examination of the urinary tract using a dyed drug or contrast material. It plays an important role in detecting diseases related to the urethra such as urethral stricture, urethral injuries, urethral fistula, and urethral diverticulum. In individuals with urinary canal stenosis for any reason, the quality of life is seriously reduced and social problems begin. The correct diagnosis of such diseases is possible with the application of the right imaging techniques. The urethrography method also helps to definitively diagnose such health problems in the patient.

What Is Urinary Canal Stenosis?

The urethra is the last part of the urinary canal and the part of the urinary bladder that connects to the outside. For some reason, the urethra may be damaged in some patients and the width of the canal may narrow over time. Factors such as infection and impact lead to a decrease in the diameter of the urinary canal. This discomfort, which is not detected in the early period, progresses over time and reaches more serious dimensions. At the same time, the patient’s complaints also increase over time. Therefore, this disease must be treated in a timely manner.

The most common symptoms of urinary tract stenosis are listed as follows:

  • Slow urine flow
  • Pain when urinating,
  • Dripping after urination
  • Urine scattering and bifurcation,

In some advanced patients, a slowdown in semen flow and a complete stop may be observed along with the above symptoms. Symptoms vary from patient to patient, and usually, the complaints are much more disturbing in untreated patients. The definitive diagnosis of this disease can be made by the urethrography method.

How Is Urethrography Taken?

Urethrography is a test that helps to have detailed information about the problem in patients with urinary tract stenosis symptoms. In this procedure, patients who apply to the doctor with the above-mentioned symptoms first have a urine flow test and, if necessary, urethrography is applied. If the patient requires detailed imaging, the urethrography method is used to detect urinary tract-related disorders.

Before the application begins, the patient is given a special substance known as a contrast agent, which is used for this procedure. The patient is then placed on the fluoroscopy table. This is the stage that needs the most attention during the procedure because urethrography cannot be done on normal X-ray tables. If it is done in this way, it will not give healthy results and may cause additional problems for the patient. Therefore, it should be applied to a special substance and a special table. In this method, which is applied by a urology or radiology specialist, the patient is placed on the fluoroscopy table by turning on the right side. Keep the lower leg straight and the upper leg bent. Then a catheter is placed at the tip of the urethra and the solution is given to the patient through the catheter. After this special substance reaches the urinary bladder and fills the urethra, detailed canal images are taken.

The urethra is shorter in women, so a special catheter must be used during the procedure. Afterward, channel examination is started to get detailed imaging in the same way. Thanks to the procedure, the stenosis in the urethra is clearly detected, in addition to other information such as the size, number, and location of the stricture. For this reason, urethrography helps the treatment of urinary canal stenosis to be carried out more accurately and the patient to regain his health as soon as possible.

Urethrography Price

The urethrography procedure is applied in private hospitals, public hospitals, and radiological imaging centers. Prices in private institutions may differ from center to center, so it is necessary to consult a specialist for a definitive answer.

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