What Are The Side Effects Of Rezum Treatment?

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Side Effects Of Rezum Treatment

Rezum therapy is an effective treatment option for benign prostate. This treatment aims to relieve urinary symptoms caused by an enlarged prostate gland. Side effects of the treatment are usually temporary and mild. It may increase the risk of urinary tract infections, but this rarely leads to serious problems.

Incontinence and increased urge to urinate may occur in the post-treatment period. However, these usually resolve in a short time. Symptoms such as pain or burning sensation may also be temporary. Rezum treatment offers an effective option for relieving patients’ symptoms. It also aims to minimise side effects.

Pain And Discomfort During The Procedure

Rezum treatment is a treatment method used to relieve urinary symptoms caused by prostate due to enlargement of the prostate gland. During the treatment, patients may often experience mild pain or discomfort.

These sensations are usually controlled using local anaesthesia or sedation and quickly subside after the procedure. For a few days after the treatment, there may be a slight burning sensation during urination or frequent urination. However, these symptoms also disappear in a short time.

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Temporary Urinary Problems After the Procedure

After resum treatment, patients may experience some temporary urinary problems. These problems may occur as a result of the procedure and are usually short-lived. During the first few days, a slight burning sensation when urinating or frequent urination may occur.

It is also rare for the urine to appear hazy or bloody, but these symptoms usually disappear on their own and resolve within a few days. Despite these temporary urinary problems, Rezum treatment offers an effective option to alleviate the symptoms of prostatic hyperplasia. Patients’ quality of life will improve after treatment.

Effects Of Rezum Treatment On Sexual Function

Rezum treatment is used to treat prostate symptoms and has very low negative effects on sexual function. It may be preferred because it does not cause worsening of sexual functions like some other prostate treatments.

After the procedure, patients can usually continue their sexual activities. In some rare cases, low transient changes in sexual function may be observed, but this condition is usually short-lived and improves immediately. Rezum treatment is considered a more advantageous option than other conventional prostate treatments in terms of preserving sexual functions.

Post Procedure Bleeding and Infection Risks

The risks of haemorrhage and infection after resum treatment are very low. During the procedure, heating of the tissues is used to stop bleeding, which reduces the risk of bleeding. Although urinary tract infections are rare, careful follow-up is necessary after treatment.

There may be mild bleeding or burning sensation when urinating for a few days after the procedure, but it is usually short-lived and mild. Therefore, it is considered a safe treatment option with risks of bleeding and infection.

Permanent Scar Formation After Rezum Treatment

There is no risk of permanent scar formation after resum treatment. This type of treatment does not require any incisions or stitches on the skin surface. Since the procedure is performed inside the prostate, it does not create external scars on the skin. Therefore, the formation of permanent scars after the procedure should not be a source of concern for patients considering the treatment.

Complications That May Occur After The Rezum Procedure

Although rare, some complications may occur after the resection procedure. These complications may include urinary tract infections, urinary incontinence, narrowing of the urinary tract, temporary changes in sexual function and pain during urination.

In most cases, these complications are mild and temporary and resolve in the post-procedure period. Although resum treatment is an effective option for relieving prostate symptoms, it is important to be aware of the potential complications.

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