Is Rezum Treatment a Painful Procedure?

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The prostate located under the bladder is one of the glands of the male body. The prostate gland provides the production of seminal fluid that affects the sexual life of men. Van deferans and urethra are located in the prostate gland. The prostate gland must be healthy for urine output to occur, but advancing age, unhealthy diet, sedentary life and smoking-alcohol use can cause benign prostate cancer. Resum treatment used in prostate cancer results in no pain or surgical procedure.

What is Rezum Treatment?

The first complaint of most patients who apply for resum treatment is the inability to urinate. As a result of the enlargement of the prostate gland, the urine there cannot progress in the urethra canal. Hot water is used in the treatment for urine outflow. The procedure is started with sedation or local anaesthesia.

During the procedure, water vapour is introduced into the area where the prostate gland is located by endoscopic methods through the tip of the penis. In this process, which is a very short procedure (20-25 minutes), complaints such as bleeding and pain are not observed.

Pain Before and After Rezum Treatment

Resum treatment used in the treatment of benign prostate cancer can be applied to men of different age groups. The procedure is completed without the need for general anaesthesia. It does not have a negative effect on situations such as erection in male sexual life.

Before the treatment, which is a very reliable method, pain is felt while urinating. After the treatment, the patient is inserted a catheter. Hospitalisation is not required, but the catheter may remain in place for three to ten days. Within three months, the prostate gland shrinks and no pain is felt when urinating.

Rezum Tedavisi Ağrılı Bir İşlem Midir

Recovery Process After Rezum Treatment

Although there is no obligation to stay in hospital after resection, it may vary according to the patient. On the day of the procedure, the catheter can be removed. The catheter must remain attached for the first ten days after treatment. This process may vary from person to person.

The catheter ensures that urine output can be realised without going to the toilet. It facilitates urination by reducing the risk of pain and burning that may occur after the procedure. The patient adapts to the recovery process in a short time and results can be obtained quickly.

Rezum Treatment Results

With the growth of the prostate gland, the urethral canal narrows and as a result, the person may have difficulty in urine output. Individuals who feel pain and burning can get rid of their complaints thanks to this treatment. In the treatment with water vapour, the prostate gland shrinks and the urethra expands.

The procedure takes place in half an hour without the need for surgical intervention and general anaesthesia. After the procedure, relief occurs in urine output and behaviour, while sexual functions are not affected.

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